Ralph Sutton

Recording Engineering

"I'm Always Learning More, Doing More, and Creating More, for Myself and Others".

Ralph Sutton Recording Engineering Services

Recording Engineering

Ralph Sutton Recording Engineering Services involve the technical aspects of capturing and producing audio recordings. This can include setting up and operating recording equipment, adjusting microphone placement, and setting levels.


Ralph Sutton Mixing Engineer Services involve the process of adjusting and blending individual tracks of audio, such as vocals, instruments, and sound effects, into a cohesive and polished final mix.


Ralph Sutton Mastering Engineer Services involve the final stage of audio post-production, where I prepare and optimize audio recordings for distribution.

Podcast Editing

Ralph Sutton Podcast Editing Professional, my services involve the technical and creative process of editing audio recordings for podcast production.


Recording/Mixing/Mastering/Podcast Editing

"As a Recording Engineer, I believe that capturing the essence of a sound and turning it into a timeless masterpiece is an art form." -Ralph Sutton Recording Engineer.

“As a Recording Engineer, I am the Techno-Artistic Interpreter of sound, utilizing the latest technology to bring the artist’s vision to life and create a sonic masterpiece that will stand the test of time” -Ralph Sutton Recording Engineer. 

About Ralph Sutton Recording Engineer

I am Ralph Sutton, a highly respected recording engineer with over three decades of experience in the music industry. I have worked with diverse artists, from up-and-coming indie bands and artists to international superstars, and have a reputation for consistently delivering top-quality recordings.

I began my career as an intern at a small recording studio in Los Angeles and quickly worked my way up through the ranks to become a full-time engineer. I have since worked at some of the most renowned studios in the world, including Motown Hitsville USA in Los Angeles (staff engineer), Electra Asylum Recording Annex (staff engineer), Kenny Rogers Lion Share Recording Studios (staff engineer), and have contributed to numerous award-winning albums.

I am known for my ability to capture the unique sound and essence of each artist I work with. My attention to detail and dedication to achieving the best possible results is unmatched. I am also an expert in using industry-standard software such as Pro Tools, Logic, and Ableton.

In addition to my work as a recording engineer, I am a frequent speaker at audio engineering conferences, sharing my knowledge and experience with other professionals in the field.

I have won several Grammy awards certificates for my work as a recording engineer on albums such as “From the Bottom of My Heart” by Stevie Wonder and “St. Louis Blues” feat Stevie Wonder by Herbie Hancock. I continue to work with a diverse range of artists, and my work can be heard on albums and performances around the world.

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