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You know, The Recording of Your Music is the single most important parts of your Music Production, and The Recording Process should be performed with as much care and purpose driven intentions as possiable.

I offer you, and all of my clients several different types of recording engineering services, from all digital recordings using ProTools, all analog recordings using Studer A827 2" 24 track tape machines, and several different types of hybrid recording techniques which incorporate both digital and analog recording technology, which by the way creates a very big and unique sound. If you have any question about recording format's or set-ups contact me.

I only use the Best Recording Equipment in the Best Recording Studio Environment, which adds value to your productions and makes a differents in your Production Sound, Sales, and Marketing of your Recording Project. Here is a list of the recording equipment I use, and some pictures of the recording studioFor Booking My Recording Engineering Services Contact Me Right Now...

The Control Room, The Heart of the Recording Studio



The Recording Studio View From The Control Room


The Recording Studio View Into The Control Room


The Tape Machines


The Recording Studio Equipment List


The Microphone List


The Artist Lounge


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